Why Is There a Goat in the Lynx Advert

Why Is There a Goat in the Lynx Advert?

Lynx, known as Axe in some regions, is a popular brand of men’s grooming products, particularly famous for its deodorants and body sprays. Lynx has been known for its quirky and often humorous advertising campaigns that target young men.

Over the years, they have employed a variety of unique and memorable themes in their commercials, and one such campaign featured a goat.

How does Lynx’s unique advertising impact its brand?

Lynx, or Axe, is a brand synonymous with grooming products designed for young men. Their advertising strategies have consistently been unconventional and have left a lasting impact on consumers. 

In addition, the core concept behind Lynx’s brand is to help young men enhance their confidence and attractiveness. They tap into the aspiration of becoming irresistibly appealing to the opposite sex, using their products as a means to achieve this.

This unique approach to advertising has led to the creation of iconic and memorable advertisements. Lynx has consistently pushed boundaries, taking an irreverent and often humorous approach to their campaigns. In doing so, they have managed to generate a significant amount of attention and conversation, both positive and negative.

The Inclusion of a Goat in an Advert

How does Lynx's unique advertising impact its brand

One particular Lynx advertisement that stands out in this regard features a goat. The presence of a goat in a grooming product commercial might seem perplexing at first, but it was a calculated move by the brand.

Humor and Surprise

Lynx is renowned for its humorous and, at times, absurd advertisements. The inclusion of a goat adds an unexpected element of humor and surprise to the commercial. This element of surprise was intended to engage and entertain the audience, leaving them curious and amused. 

In advertising, humor can be a powerful tool for capturing the viewer’s attention and making the brand more relatable.


Advertisements that incorporate unconventional elements tend to stick in people’s minds. The human brain is wired to remember things that stand out or deviate from the norm. 

By featuring a goat, Lynx created a memorable commercial that viewers were more likely to recall, even if they might not immediately associate it with the product being advertised. This memorability can be a valuable asset in the competitive world of advertising.

Viral Potential

In the age of social media, advertisers often craft content with the intention of it going viral. The unexpected appearance of a goat in a grooming product commercial is precisely the type of content that people are inclined to share and discuss online. 

Viral content not only reaches a broader audience but also reinforces the brand’s image as innovative and unconventional.

Word of Mouth

Advertisers thrive on word-of-mouth marketing. When people talk about and share an advertisement, it extends the reach of the campaign far beyond the initial viewership. The inclusion of a goat gave people a reason to discuss Lynx and the product being advertised. 

These discussions contribute to brand awareness and may even prompt potential consumers to try Lynx products out of sheer curiosity.

Creativity and Brand Identity

Lynx has cultivated a brand identity that thrives on being bold, creative, and unapologetic. The use of a goat was entirely in line with this brand identity, showcasing that the brand is willing to take risks and do things differently. 

It signaled that Lynx isn’t afraid to break from the traditional norms of advertising, which aligns with their target audience’s youthful and adventurous spirit.


Does Lynx Africa smell of goat?

No, Lynx Africa does not smell like a goat. It has a distinct fragrance designed for personal grooming.

What is goat in deodorant?

“Goat” in deodorant is not a common or standard ingredient. Deodorants typically contain fragrance components and odor-neutralizing ingredients, not goat-related substances.

What does a Lynx goat smell like?

Lynx does not have a specific product called “Lynx goat.” Their products have various fragrances, but none are meant to smell like a goat.

What is the smell of a goat?

The smell of a goat is often described as musky or earthy, similar to the natural scent of animals.

Is goat popular in Africa?

Yes, goat meat is popular in various African cuisines and is considered a delicacy in many regions.

What smell do goats love?

Goats are herbivores and typically enjoy the smell of fresh forage, hay, and other plants that make up their diet. They have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to the scents of plants they can consume.


The use of a goat in a Lynx advert was a deliberate choice by the brand to create a memorable and attention-grabbing commercial. While it may seem unconventional, it aligns with Lynx’s brand identity of being unique, humorous, and bold in their advertising campaigns. The goat not only added an element of surprise but also generated discussions and buzz around the brand, which is often a key objective of advertising.

As Lynx continues to evolve its advertising strategies, it will be interesting to see what other creative and unexpected elements they incorporate into their campaigns to capture the attention of their target audience.

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