Write for Us

Greetings, fellow aspiring authors! We’re always on the lookout for new voices to join our vibrant community. If you possess an idea that can captivate and inspire our readers while contributing to the growth of our industry, we invite you to share it with us. You don’t have to wait for a groundbreaking concept; just offer a fresh perspective on a topic that truly ignites your passion.

However, it’s important to be transparent about our expectations. Becoming a contributor to our platform, London Status, demands dedication and effort. We’re committed to helping you produce your best work, and we will challenge you to meet our exacting standards. Upon acceptance, you will receive comprehensive feedback from our team and collaborate closely with an editor for revisions.

While this journey may be demanding, it’s also incredibly rewarding. Your work will reach thousands of peers, potential employers, clients, or publishers, giving you valuable exposure. Moreover, you’ll enhance your skills in effective communication and writing, gaining a deeper understanding of your chosen subject matter.

Submission Criteria: What We’re Seeking

Feel free to submit a rough draft, partial draft, or a concise pitch (a paragraph summarizing your argument and its significance to our readers), along with an outline. The more comprehensive your submission, the more detailed feedback we can provide.

Please keep in mind that we exclusively accept original content; we do not publish material that has been previously featured elsewhere, including personal blogs.

Before submitting, take a look at our style guide and recent articles to familiarize yourself with the structure and formatting we expect. Ensure that your submission:

  1. Presents a clear thesis and argument, avoiding a mere list of tips.
  2. Exhibits a distinctive voice that is bold, captivating, and relatable.
  3. Targets an audience of designers, developers, content strategists, information architects, or similar professionals.
  4. Supports arguments with facts, not solely personal opinions. We encourage fact-checking and proper citation.
  5. Adheres to our style guide.

For insights into the writing process, please refer to “Writing is Thinking” and explore “So You Want to Write an Article?” to avoid common submission pitfalls.

What We Publish

Our articles typically range from 600 to 2,500 words, depending on the subject’s complexity, with an average length of around 1,500 words. Custom illustrations often accompany articles, and the tone can vary from casual to rigorously structured and edited. Nonetheless, all submissions should delve deeply into current and cutting-edge topics within the web industry.

How to Submit (and What to Expect Next)

To submit your work, please use the following email address: londonstatus.co.uk@gmail.com. We prefer Google documents for easier feedback, but plaintext, Markdown, or HTML formats are also acceptable (please avoid sending ZIP files unless specifically requested). Here is an overview of our submission process:

  1. An editor will review your submission to assess its potential fit, followed by a team discussion held once a week.
  2. The editor will gather feedback and provide notes. While initial acceptance is uncommon, we will express our interest if we find your work suitable.
  3. Address our comments and send the revised draft. The team will review it again and confirm acceptance.
  4. If your article is accepted, an editor will collaborate with you on organization, argumentation, and style.
  5. Your publication will be scheduled once revisions are complete, with a specific publication date provided as we approach the go-live date.

We eagerly anticipate your submissions!

Thank you.