Peter Billingsley Net Worth

Peter Billingsley Net Worth, Salary, Early Life, Career

Net Worth:

$12 Million (2024)

Date of Birth:

Apr 16, 1971 (52 years old)

Place of Birth:

New York City




5 ft 9 in (1.77 m)


Actor, Film director, Film Producer, Television producer, Theatrical producer, Television Director


United States of America

Peter Billingsley Net Worth Growth

Peter Billingsley Net Worth Growth
Net worth 2024$12 million
Net worth 2023$12 million
Net worth 2022$10 million
Net worth 2021$9 million
Net worth 2020$7 million
Net worth 2019$5 million

Peter Billingsley, a versatile figure in the American entertainment landscape, has left an indelible mark as an actor, director, and producer. 

His estimated net worth stands at approximately $12 million, underscoring his substantial achievements. 

While he is most notably recognized for his iconic portrayal of Ralphie in the beloved 1983 holiday classic, “A Christmas Story,” Billingsley’s influence extends beyond acting, with successful forays into directing and producing, further cementing his prominent role in the entertainment industry.

He’s best known for his role as Ralphie in the 1983 classic “A Christmas Story” and has also found success as a film and TV producer.

Early Life and Career beginning

Born on April 16, 1971, in New York, New York, Billingsley’s early involvement in the entertainment world was nurtured by his parents, with his mother actively supporting the budding careers of him and his siblings.

He was one of five children in the family, and his older sister Melissa Michaelsen and older brother Neil Billingsley also succeeded in television and commercials.

From the tender age of two, Billingsley began his journey in television commercials. In fact, he appeared in hundreds of commercials during the 1970s and early 1980s. 

His portrayal of “Messy Marvin” in a series of Hershey’s chocolate syrup commercials is particularly memorable.

Breakthrough Role: “A Christmas Story”

While his career in commercials was flourishing, Billingsley’s first significant film role came in 1978 with “If Ever I See You Again.” He then took on roles in both film and television between 1978 and 1983.

In 1983, he secured the role that would forever link him to holiday cheer – that of “Ralphie” in the beloved film “A Christmas Story.” 

Although the movie wasn’t an immediate box office hit, it has become a cultural phenomenon, with frequent 24-hour airings on multiple channels during the holiday season.

Regarding the royalties from “A Christmas Story,” Billingsley has been somewhat discreet. In a 2018 interview, he hinted at the lack of substantial compensation for actors due to the absence of royalty clauses in contracts at the time. 

The film’s continued popularity has raised questions about fair compensation for its cast.

Involvement with NASA and Space Exploration

In the early 1980s, Billingsley was appointed as a child ambassador to NASA’s space program by then-First Lady Nancy Reagan.

It was during this time that Christa McAuliffe was selected from a pool of candidates to become a part of NASA’s “Teacher in Space Project.” 

Tragically, the Challenger space shuttle, which carried McAuliffe, met with a fatal explosion in 1986 due to technical flaws. Billingsley has mentioned that he was poised to be the first child in space upon McAuliffe’s safe return.

Later Career: Producing and Directing

While his acting career cooled in the late 1980s and 1990s, Billingsley continued to make appearances in both film and television. 

Notably, he received an Emmy nomination for his roles in the Schoolbreak Specials “The Fourth Man” (1990) and “The Writing on the Wall” (1994).

In the 2000s, Billingsley transitioned into production and gained recognition as a producer for “Dinner for Five” (2001) and “Zathura: A Space Adventure” (2005), directed by his friend Jon Favreau. 

His journey continued with the production of Favreau’s “Iron Man” (2008), in which he also acted. This role was reprised in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (2019).

Billingsley’s directorial debut was marked with “Couples Retreat” (2009), starring Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. 

He has also served as an executive producer on several projects, including the TBS series “Sullivan & Son” and the Netflix animated series “F Is for Family.”

Real Estate Ventures

Real Estate Ventures Peter Billingsley

In September 2018, Peter Billingsley made a real estate move by purchasing a remarkable 6-bedroom, 5,200-square-foot mansion in Manhattan Beach, California, for $3.175 million.

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Peter Billingsley’s versatile career in the entertainment industry, highlighted by his iconic role in “A Christmas Story,” has contributed to a net worth of $12 million. 

His transition into producing and directing, along with his unique involvement with NASA, reflects a multi-faceted journey in show business. 

Billingsley’s impact remains strong, showcasing the enduring influence of those in the entertainment world.

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