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Gabbie Hanna Address Revealed! 

Gabbie Hanna is a well-known internet personality, author, and poet, who gained fame through her engaging content on platforms like Vine and YouTube. Born on February 7th, 1991, in New Castle, Pennsylvania, she has amassed a significant following on social media, with over 5.36 million subscribers and a combined video view count of 129 million. 

Hanna is not only an online sensation but also a successful author, with two poetry books, “Adultolescence” and “Dandelion,” both making it to the New York Times Best Sellers list. In this article, we will explore more about Gabbie Hanna’s life, career, and her home in Studio City, California.

What are the key features of Gabbie Hanna’s house?

What are the key features of Gabbie Hanna's house

Gabbie Hanna’s residence is located in the desirable Colfax Meadows neighborhood of Studio City, California. Studio City is known for its historic connection to the entertainment industry, being home to the renowned CBS Studios.

Hanna’s house is a charming piece of real estate, offering a glimpse into her taste and lifestyle.

Key Features of Gabbie Hanna’s Home:

Spacious Layout

Gabbie Hanna’s home in Studio City offers a spacious layout that includes five bedrooms and five bathrooms. This generous allocation of living space ensures that there is ample room for comfortable living and accommodation.

The arrangement of multiple bedrooms and bathrooms is ideal for a large household or for hosting guests. 

With over 3,000 square feet of living area, the residence provides both comfort and style. The spacious layout allows for versatile interior design and a sense of grandeur in the home.

History and Remodeling

The house has a storied history, having been originally constructed in 1940. However, in 2015, it underwent a significant remodeling process that blended classic architectural charm with modern amenities. 

Moreover, this blending of eras creates a unique character for the house. It pays homage to its historic roots while providing the conveniences and aesthetics of a modern living space.

This melding of the old and new is often appreciated by homeowners looking for a blend of tradition and contemporary living.

Outdoor Entertainment

One of the standout features of Gabbie Hanna’s Studio City residence is the impressive outdoor entertainment space. This space is designed for relaxation and social gatherings.

It includes a sparkling pool, which is perfect for enjoying a refreshing swim on a sunny California day. The outdoor living area provides a place for friends and family to gather, dine, and socialize. 

Additionally, a spacious cabana adds a touch of luxury and can be a retreat for relaxation. The outdoor area is beautifully landscaped and offers a peaceful oasis right in the heart of Studio City.

Bright and Sunny Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and in Gabbie Hanna’s house, it’s a highlight. The kitchen is characterized by Calacatta marble countertops, which add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The bright and sunny atmosphere in the kitchen makes it a pleasant place for culinary enthusiasts.

It’s well-equipped with modern appliances and ample counter space, making it suitable for both cooking and entertaining guests. The kitchen’s design blends functionality with aesthetics, offering a space where meals can be prepared and enjoyed.

Open Floor Plan

Gabbie Hanna’s home features an open floor plan, a design concept that has gained popularity for its ability to create a sense of space and interconnectedness between different areas of the house.

An open floor plan fosters an environment where family and guests can move seamlessly between rooms, making it easier to interact and socialize. 

Moreover, it allows for flexible use of the living spaces and can be ideal for both everyday living and entertaining. Within this open layout, there is even a wine enclosure, catering to wine enthusiasts and adding a touch of sophistication to the home.

Master Bedroom Elegance

The master bedroom is often a sanctuary within a home, and Gabbie Hanna’s residence doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

The master bedroom is an exquisite space, featuring vaulted ceilings that create a sense of grandeur. A classic chandelier adds a touch of glamor and sophistication to the room’s ambiance.

Additionally, the master bedroom includes a private balcony, providing a serene and private outdoor space for the homeowner. This blend of elegance and comfort in the master bedroom makes it a perfect retreat within the home.

Gabbie Hanna’s Rise to Internet Stardom

Gabbie Hanna’s journey in the online world began in 2013 when she started posting videos on Vine and YouTube. Her unique style and relatable content quickly attracted a dedicated fan base.

Hanna’s down-to-earth and often humorous approach to various topics resonated with viewers, leading to her rapid rise in popularity.

Notable Achievements and Net Worth

With her engaging and relatable content, Gabbie Hanna has built a substantial net worth estimated at $2 million. Her success as an author has contributed significantly to her financial prosperity. 

Her poetry books, “Adultolescence” and “Dandelion,” were met with critical acclaim and commercial success, making her one of the few internet personalities to successfully transition into the literary world.


Gabbie Hanna’s journey from being a Vine and YouTube sensation to a successful author and homeowner in Studio City, California, is an inspiring one.

Her engaging content and relatable personality have endeared her to millions of fans, while her accomplishments as an author have solidified her place in the entertainment world. 

Gabbie Hanna’s Studio City residence is a testament to her success and her ability to turn her dreams into reality, offering a glimpse into her life beyond the camera lens.

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