How Long Does Classic Lashes Take

How Long Does Classic Lashes Take? 

Getting classic lashes usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. The process involves a consultation to understand your preferences, selecting the desired lash style, and the application itself. 

The duration can vary based on factors like the lash artist’s skill, the client’s natural lash condition, and the chosen style. 

More intricate designs may take a bit longer. To make the process efficient, communicate your preferences clearly during the consultation, and follow any pre-appointment instructions provided by the lash artist. These factors can help you enjoy the lash application experience and achieve the desired look.

What are Classic Lashes?

What are Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are a style of eyelash extensions designed to enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. In this technique, a single synthetic lash is carefully applied to each individual natural lash. 

This meticulous process creates a fuller, longer, and more defined appearance without the need for mascara. Classic lashes come in various lengths, thicknesses, and curls, providing customization options to suit different preferences.

The application involves attaching the extensions using a strong adhesive, ensuring a secure and long-lasting result. 

Despite the misconception that classic lashes may be uncomfortable or damaging to natural lashes, when applied by a skilled professional and maintained through proper aftercare, they can offer a comfortable and elegant enhancement.

What Is The Process of Getting Classic Lashes?

Getting classic lashes begins with a personalized consultation to discuss preferences. The lash artist then applies individual synthetic lashes to natural ones, achieving a fuller and longer look in a precise and comfortable process.


Before the actual application, a thorough consultation is conducted. The lash artist discusses the client’s preferences, lifestyle, and any specific expectations. This ensures a personalized approach, considering factors like desired lash length, thickness, and overall style.

Selection of Lash Style

Based on the consultation, the client and lash artist collaboratively choose a lash style that complements the client’s natural features and meets their aesthetic goals. 

Factors such as the client’s eye shape, facial features, and daily routine are considered to determine the most suitable lash design.

Application Process

The application begins with the client comfortably reclined. The lash artist isolates each natural lash using tweezers and delicately attaches a single synthetic lash extension using a specialized adhesive. 

This process is repeated for each natural lash, resulting in a seamless and natural look. The skill and precision of the lash artist play a crucial role in achieving a beautiful and even application.

Setting Expectations with the Client

Clear communication is essential. The lash artist sets realistic expectations regarding the final look, maintenance requirements, and any potential aftercare considerations. 

This step ensures that the client is well-informed and satisfied with the outcome. It may include guidance on proper cleansing, avoiding oil-based products, and scheduling necessary touch-ups for maintenance.

What Are The Factors Influencing the Time Required?

The time for classic lash application depends on the lash artist’s expertise, the client’s natural lash condition, and the complexity of the desired style. Skilled artists work faster, healthy lashes need less preparation, and intricate styles may take more time.

Skill and Experience of the Lash Artist

Lash artists vary in their skill levels and experience, affecting the speed and precision of their work.

Highly skilled artists with extensive experience tend to work more efficiently, reducing the overall application time.

Expertise also plays a role in handling potential challenges, ensuring a smoother process.

Client’s Natural Lash Condition

The condition of a client’s natural lashes is a crucial factor in determining the time needed for classic lash application.

Clients with healthy, well-maintained natural lashes typically require less time for preparation and application.

If a client has sparse or weakened natural lashes, the lash artist may need extra time to address these concerns, ensuring a secure and comfortable application.

Desired Lash Style and Customization

The specific style and customization requested by the client significantly impact the time required for classic lash application.

Different styles, such as natural, dramatic, or cat-eye, may involve varying levels of intricacy and detail.

Customization, such as using different lengths and thicknesses of lashes, adds complexity and may extend the overall application time.

What Is The Average Duration for Classic Lashes?

The typical time range for classic lash application is around 1.5 to 2.5 hours, although this can vary based on individual factors.

Lash artists aim for a balance between efficiency and precision, ensuring a high-quality application within a reasonable timeframe.

The specific factors influencing the duration include the client’s natural lash count, the desired lash style, and the lash artist’s experience.

Clients with a higher natural lash count may experience a longer application time as each lash needs individual attention.

Different styles, such as a natural look versus a voluminous style, can significantly impact the time needed for meticulous placement and customization.

Lash artists with advanced skills may complete the process more quickly while maintaining the quality of the application.

Tips for a Time-Efficient Lash Application

Tips for a Time-Efficient Lash Application

Preparing the Client

  • Before the lash application, instruct clients to arrive with clean, makeup-free lashes to streamline the preparation process.
  • Educate clients on proper eyelash care, as healthier natural lashes contribute to a faster application. This may involve recommending lash serums or advising against harsh treatments that could weaken the lashes.

Efficient Workflow for Lash Artists

  • Lash artists can optimize their workflow by organizing their tools and materials for easy access, reducing time spent searching for items during the application.
  • Prioritize a thorough but swift consultation to understand the client’s preferences, ensuring a focused and efficient application process.
  • Implementing time-saving techniques, such as using pre-made fans or adhesive accelerators, can expedite the application without compromising quality.
  • Continuous skill development and practice enable lash artists to enhance their speed while maintaining precision, contributing to a more time-efficient process.


Do classic lashes last longer?

Yes, classic lashes can last longer, typically around 4 to 6 weeks, offering a natural and timeless look. The longevity depends on factors like natural lash shedding and proper aftercare.

Do hybrid lashes take longer than classic lashes?

Yes, hybrid lashes do take a bit longer than classic lashes to apply due to the combination of classic and volume techniques. This can result in a fuller and more textured lash look.

How long can classic eyelash extensions be?

Classic eyelash extensions can be anywhere from 8 to 15mm in length. The specific length is chosen based on the client’s preference, natural lashes, and desired outcome for a customized look.

Do classic lashes provide a natural look?

Yes, classic lashes do provide a natural look by enhancing the length and thickness of natural lashes without an overly dramatic effect. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a subtle enhancement.

Do longer eyelashes tend to be more attractive?

Yes, longer eyelashes are often perceived as more attractive, as they can enhance the eyes and create a captivating look. Personal preferences vary, but many find longer lashes appealing.

Can you achieve permanent eyelashes?

No, eyelash extensions are not permanent, as they adhere to natural lashes and fall out with the natural lash cycle. However, they can be maintained through regular fills for a semi-permanent effect.

What lash shape is recommended for my eyes?

The best lash shape depends on your eye shape and personal preferences. Can a skilled lash artist recommend styles like cat-eye, doll, or open-eye based on what complements your natural features?

Final words

The duration of classic lash application varies but typically takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Factors like the artist’s skill, natural lash condition, and desired style play a role. Remember, open communication and following preparation tips can help ensure a smooth and efficient process, resulting in beautiful classic lashes.

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